Bringing students, schools & healthcare systems together to develop the next generation of nurses and innovators. 

Our data-driven approach provides strategic, cost-saving solutions that improve new graduate nursing retention. 

New nurse grad turnover rates are roughly 30% in the first year of practice, and as high as 57% in the second year. New nurse attrition is costly and can negatively impact patient-care quality.

Collide Projects

Project example designed to directly address new graduate nursing retention.

PROJECT Population Health Resource Extension


Student works with health system patient data: demographic, social factors, and diagnoses. Student segments patient population by need, identifies local social programs, consults with patients and records data.

  • Communication

  • Assessment/Problem Solving

  • Planning/Research


Extends case management resources

  • Reduces on-boarding time

  • Improves patient outcomes

  • Lowers member per month costs

  • Improves workforce retention

  • Connects talent and organization

Other Projects 

PROJECT Clinic Resources in Underserved Area
PROJECT Synthesis Level Research Project
PROJECT Health Quality
PROJECT Size the Market
PROJECT Evaluate technical feasibility, customer benefits, societal benefits, economic viability   
PROJECT Validate Market Interest

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